The Maine

 The Maine
The Garage, Glasgow
21st March 2011

Despite hailing from Arizona, The Maine are certainly no strangers to Glasgow.  Tonight’s show marked their third visit to not only the city itself, but to this very venue.  However this time round they were stepping up from a supporting role to take centre stage as the headline act. 

In a slightly unorthodox move they opened their set with new song My Heroin.  Whilst the crowd may not have known the words, they certainly felt the energy bursting from the stage and soon the party was in full swing.  The Maine are a band that work brilliantly in a live setting, with their catchy pop hooks taking on a whole new dimenson on stage.  This is especially true when it comes to playing older material, with Into Your Arms and I Must Be Dreaming sounding somewhat grown up, in comparison to their recorded counterparts.  Still, it was the newer material from sophomore album ‘Black and White’ that really shone through, with Don’t Stop Now and Right Girl being particular crowd pleasers. 

There was little stage banter this evening – except for vocalist John O’Callaghan’s persistence in reminding the crowd that it was guitarist Jared Monaco’s 23rd birthday.  Indeed, there was a definite air of comradeship on stage tonight, especially in final song  We’ll All Be….  A perfect ode to friendship, it was a fitting end to such a fun-filled set.  After all the appeal of The Maine – and indeed the spark that gives their music that special edge – is the fact that they’re just five friends making feel-good music and having fun at the same time.  This translates into an energetic and entertaining live show that everyone should see.  So what are you waiting for?!


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